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Based in Southern California, USA

Howdy howdy!  Thank you for sharing a passion in artistry and the importance of locking memories in video format.

I'm Loren and I've been recording weddings since 2012.  I absolutely love looking through footage and spotting authentic moments to create your story.  Every couple is different, and here at TigerVows we strive to put your character into our films.  We achieve this by priding ourselves in our documentary cinematic style and not to "over pose" the day.


When I'm not working on wedding videos, you'll find me editing travel videos, waiting for the next Marvel movie premier, or YouTubing how to make a certain dish I probably saw in a movie.


- Hainan Chicken

- Cordless window shades

- Treehouses without spiders


- Running into spider webs

- Beach seaweed flies

- Mushrooms

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